We've been busy!

March and April were busy for us at our farm here in Donabate. Lots of new lambs born in March. They are now out enjoying the pasture with their mothers. Our Dexter cows have been given this year off and so have been having a great time down in the bottom field. We did have a couple of surprise calves though!! The grass is looking lush at the moment and the trees are in full bloom now. A lovely time at the farm.

We have been doing a facelift on our market area too with new signs and sprucing up of the cabins. We then reopened our Steakout food truck, serving lunch on Saturdays from 10-4pm. Our butcher stall is now joined with a coffee dock, Des Crinion cheeses on select days and some local producers selling their products. Emma has been bringing a few of the little animals out too, much to the delight of the kids visiting on Saturdays.

If you would like to visit, we are here at the farm every Saturday from 10-4pm - Donabate Dexter Farm, Turvey Ave., (opposite Cobbs lane) Donabate, K36F430

You can chat with Lee our craft butcher and see what lovely surprises he has prepared, have lunch or a cappuccino or pick up your Neighbourfood order.

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